Cosmetic Dentistry — Six Common Procedures and their Benefits

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“When we smile, the whole world smiles back at us.” People who have beautiful, harmonious, sparkling smiles are perceived to be successful, intelligent and desirable. There are many procedures that our cosmetic team, headed by the renowned Dr. Benjamin Ifraimov, at 172 NYC Dental can provide for you. They range from mere touch-ups to extensive smile makeovers. Read about six of the most popular cosmetic procedures and why they are so common. 


Teeth Whitening


Whitening treatments can be done in the comfort of your home or by a professional in-office




Tools like Crest Whitening Strips are inexpensive, work on the upper anterior teeth, and are best worn 30 minutes a night. This treatment takes 3 weeks for the full effect to show and can be purchased over the counter. 


In-Office Whitening


Custom trays can be fabricated in the office and then worn at home with whitening gel that we provide. This type of whitening is much more effective than the strips and whitens the posterior teeth. These can be used over and over again by simply purchasing additional gel. Trays are worn two hours a day for 7-10days.


Zoom whitening is the gold standard for in-office bleaching. The entire treatment takes 1.25 hours and teeth that are six shades whiter is the usual result. Some people have sensitivity after treatment for 24 hours and this procedure is more expensive than other treatments.


Enamel Bonding


This is a simple, non-invasive procedure ideal for chips, cracks, and discolorations. Composite resin that matches your tooth shade repairs any discrepancies and lasts 7-10 years. The procedure is inexpensive and can be completed in one visit. Enamel bonding may require a local anesthetic, but this is not true for every case. 


Porcelain Veneers


With this procedure, thin pieces of porcelain are placed over the front surfaces of your teeth, which are gently prepped to accept the porcelain. It takes two visits to complete the treatment. The veneers, or laminates, are made by master cosmetic dentist/technician, Dr. Han, whose laboratory is on-premises. Dr. Ifraimov is one of the premier cosmetic dentists in NYC.


Veneers dramatically change the shape, contour, shade, cracks and spaces in your teeth to create a magnificent smile. In fact, this is the procedure that many Hollywood and Broadway stars use to enhance their appearance. 


Invisalign Braces


Clear aligners are ideal for crooked teeth, rotated teeth, unwanted spaces and malocclusions. They are also ideal for correcting underbites and overbites — what many describe as classic “bucktooth” syndrome. They can also treat Temporomandibular Joint Disease.


Getting Invisalign is a simple, non-invasive procedure with no drilling or needles involved. Very thin clear trays, also known as the aligners, are placed over teeth. The aligners gently move the teeth into proper alignment, creating a harmonious and healthy smile.


Aligners are worn 22 hours a day and are invisible. They do not interfere with speaking or drinking.


Dr. Benjamin Ahn is a nationally renowned Invisalign expert and most cases take under a year to complete. At 172 NYC Dental, Whitening and Vivera Retainers are included in the initial fee.


Smile MakeOvers


These are coordinated care by our team of specialists. It might include periodontal cosmetic reshaping of gums to create a high smile line. 


Smile Makeovers might include Invisalign therapy, endodontic therapy, or cosmetic dentistry, such as veneers, implants, crowns, onlays and porcelain bridges. With this procedure, your entire smile and bite are cosmetically enhanced through the most modern techniques in dentistry today.


Implant Dentistry


This procedure is the most technically advanced, long-lasting, natural way to replace a missing tooth. A false root made of titanium is gently inserted into the jaw bone, where the missing tooth previously was. Three months later, the bone has ossified and integrated with the implant. An abutment, or post, is screwed in followed by a beautiful porcelain crown. Viola! The missing tooth has been restored without touching any of the surrounding teeth.


A dental implant feels and looks like your own teeth and there are no restrictions on what you can eat within a healthy diet. Implants have the potential to last a lifetime.


In the hands of Dr. Jin Wang, our board-certified periodontist/implantologist, placement of the implant takes no time, with very little discomfort. People return to work the very same day as the procedure.


Choosing a Cosmetic Procedure


Our smile makes up 50% of our facial esthetic. Having a beautiful smile gives us confidence and confidence helps us to ensure success in all aspects of our lives.


If a cosmetic dental procedure sounds right for you, we can help with all kinds of treatments. At 172 NYC Dental, we are a simple phone call or text away from you achieving the smile of your dreams.

About Dr. Ben Ifraimov

Dr. Ben Ifraimov is a top cosmetic and restorative dentist in New York City, providing the highest caliber of care for his patients at 209 NYC Dental in the Midtown East neighborhood of Manhattan. Dr. Ifraimov has extensive training in all areas of dentistry, providing the most advanced treatments for an array of oral health issues, including implant restorations, crowns and bridges, porcelain veneers and onlays, cosmetic bonding and Zoom whitening, as well as routine cleaning and examination, gum disease care and treatment, and treatment of dental emergencies.

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