Jin Wang – Board Certified Periodontist

Dr. Jin Wang

Dr. Jin Wang - Board Certified Periodontist

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    Our Board Certified Periodontist/Implantologist is Dr. Jin Wang.

    Dr. Wang was born in Incheon South Korea. His parents immigrated to West Palm Beach Florida, where he grew up. Dr.  Wang attended the University of Florida. He graduated with a B.S. degree in nutrition and zoology, at the top of his class. He had a passion to be a dental surgeon. His great grades propelled him into the very competitive program at New York University College of Dentistry. Again he excelled in his studies and was selected to the prestigious honor society, OKU. Dr. Wang was then accepted in a three year periodontal surgery, implant program at NYUCD. 

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    He has been associated with our practice since 2013. His surgical skills are exemplary; whether it be placing implants or saving teeth from periodontal disease. What makes him so special is his ability to set patients at ease in hyper anxious moments. His careful, detailed explanations along with his warm assured manner allow him to build long-lasting relationships with his patients based on clinical excellence and trust. Dr. Wang donates his time and skill to help children at the Ronald McDonald House. It is his way of giving back to our city. Dr. Wang enjoys working out at the gym, cooking, and music.

    Dr. Wang enjoys saving teeth stricken with periodontal disease. When bacteria and food debris accumulate in between our teeth and under the gums, an infection can occur. These infections cause the gums to bleed and more insidiously the supporting bone to be eaten away.  Dr. Wang through cutting-edge technology and advanced surgical techniques can eliminate the infection and reinforce the diminished bone. 

    Additionally, Dr. Wang is one of the premier implantologists in NYC. When teeth are missing he can create dental miracles. By placing implants gently, efficiently he can restore function, esthetics, comfort, and dignity to his patients. He is the foundation of our comprehensive full mouth restorative process.

    Consultations with Dr. Wang have a fee of $150 including a panoramic x-ray.

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    Surgical Team

    Zorica P.
    Surgical Treatment Coordinator

    Zorica is our Surgical Treatment coordinator. She is an essential part of Dr Wang’s team. 

    She alleviates pre surgery anxiety in her patients. She is a great listener and a great explainer.

    Zorica started out as a chairside dental assistant and has over twenty years experience in the dental profession. Whether she is discussing implants and smile makeovers, cosmetic gum recontouring or wisdom teeth extraction, she takes “the pain” out of dealing with finances and insurance companies. 

    Come in and meet Zorica as she helps you to  restore your smile.

    Surgical Dental Assistant

    Maleny is our surgical chairside assistant. Under the tutelage of our board certified periodontist/ implantologist, Dr Jin Wang, a wonderful surgical team is forged to deliver expertly and gently the dental surgical procedures that our patients need.

    Ms Feliz  attended the Academy of Social Action, a college board school, where she majored in science. 

    Her primary goal is to set patients at ease when they enter her treatment room. She is a good listener, her warm and caring demeanor quickly reduces stressful situations. She loves participating in implant placement, tissue grafting, osseous surgery and wisdom teeth extractions. In her spare time she loves listening and dancing to music. Bachata, Salsa and Merengue  are among her favorites. Additionally, Maleny loves video games and reading.

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