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    Dr. Ben Ifraimov is a top cosmetic and restorative dentist in New York City, providing the highest caliber of care for his patients at 172 NYC Dental in the Midtown East neighborhood of Manhattan. Dr. Ifraimov has extensive training in all areas of dentistry, providing the most advanced treatments for an array of oral health issues, including implant restorations, crowns and bridges, porcelain veneers and onlays, cosmetic bonding and Zoom whitening, as well as routine cleaning and examination, gum disease care and treatment, and treatment of dental emergencies.

    Dr. Ifraimov is dedicated to the needs of his patients and delivers superior results by developing each treatment plan in detail, based on the unique oral health needs and treatment objectives of every patient. He also believes strongly in open communication, providing patients with information about their condition, care and treatment and answering every patient’s questions and concerns so they can feel confident and secure in their care and their results.

    After earning his bachelor’s degree and doctor of dental surgery degree from New York University, Dr. Ifraimov completed his general practice residency at Lutheran Medical Center, followed by extensive training in aesthetic dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation. He has also completed the prestigious and highly-competitive aesthetic residency program at New York University.

    When not caring for his patients at 172 NYC Dental, Dr. Ifraimov enjoys exploring his interests in skiing, astronomy, and economics.

    Dr. Ifraimov welcomes new patients, and the practice accepts most major dental insurance plans. English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Punjabi, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak and Chinese (Mandarin) are all spoken at the practice.

    Dr. Ben Ifraimov is the best. He has been our family dentist for the last decade or so. He is very professional, efficient, conservative in his treatments, and always listens to and finds time for his patients. Recently, I had a crown fall off, and he found time to see me on extremely short notice. He is also an awesome guy, makes funny jokes and gives helpful advice. The other doctors I saw at 209 Dental have also been very good (Dr. Lipner for root canal/Dr. Wang for wisdom teeth removal) The surgeries have been fast, practically bloodless with minimum healing time. Lastly, the front desk staff here is caring and polite and you never have to wait for more than 5 minutes or so for your appointments.

    – Khristina N

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    before and after cosmetic dentistry
    before and after cosmetic dentistry
    before and after cosmetic dentistry
    before and after cosmetic dentistry
    before and after cosmetic dentistry
    before and after cosmetic dentistry

    Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. Ifraimov Specializes In

    As one of the best cosmetic dentists in New York City, Dr. Ifraimov specializes in a wide variety of advanced dentistry procedures and techniques, including:

    • Porcelain Veneers and OnlaysDr. Ifraimov is skilled in all types of porcelain restorations. Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments among our NYC patients since it provides effective long-lasting aesthetic solutions for those who have decay, fractures, cracks, chips, discoloration, misaligned teeth or other cosmetic issues on the teeth that show when you smile. A porcelain veneer is a dental procedure during which a thin layer of tooth-colored porcelain material is applied to the front surface of your tooth to correct an underlying dental or cosmetic issue. Porcelain veneer treatment can be used to repair one tooth or can be applied to all front teeth providing a complete smile enhancement, read more below about smile makeover. Porcelain onlay is another type of the porcelain restoration that is utilized by dentists to restore posterior (back) teeth compromised by tooth decay. Custom made in the lab, onlays offer a durable, conservative and attractive alternative to dental bondings and crowns. With nearly two decades practicing cosmetic dentistry in NYC, Dr. Ifraimov was fortunate to transform smiles of many of our loyal patients.

    • Full Mouth ReconstructionAlso known as full mouth rehabilitation, it is a treatment process Dr. Ifraimov uses to restore proper function to the mouth. Reconstruction is usually needed when a patient has severely compromised teeth, gums, and/or multiple missing teeth. Potential candidates for a full mouth reconstruction include patients with severe medical conditions, periodontal disease, severe tooth decay or those who have undergone a trauma like a fall. This extensive dental treatment requires coordinated care and extensive knowledge in multiple disciplines, including implantology, periodontics, and restorative and cosmetic dentistry. The goal is a beautiful smile that delivers a boost in confidence and restores full function to the mouth. As a cosmetic and rehabilitation dentist, Dr. Ifraimov works very closely with other top NYC dental specialists who are in our practice. Dr. Jin Wang is a board-certified periodontist and implantologist, and Dr. Steven Lipner is a top-rated New York City endodontist. This 172 NYC Dental team is able to successfully complete many full mouth reconstructions.
    • Smile MakeoverIf your smile has ever left you feeling self-conscious or intimidated, you may be a good candidate for a smile makeover. Incorporating a series of dental procedures on multiple teeth, the goal is a harmonious appearance to the teeth and face. A variety of dental concerns are addressed when patients undergo a smile makeover, including teeth staining, an uneven gum line, cracked, uneven or broken teeth, missing teeth, teeth erosion, overbites, crooked teeth and more. The different aspects involved in a patient’s smile makeover are individualized to treat their personal concerns. Dr. Ifraimov will go over all the treatment choices during your consultation and answer any questions that you may have to guide you through the process. Some of the examples of successful smile transformations that Dr. Ifraimov was able to accomplish in his NYC cosmetic dental office include makeovers with a mix of dental treatments that included both porcelain veneers, implant crowns, and teeth whitening.

    • Implant RestorationsTooth loss is a common issue experienced by many, despite modern advances in oral hygiene. A dental implant can replace a missing tooth or serve as an anchor for dentures. A titanium post is implanted directly into the jawbone serving as an artificial root. Implants are an excellent tooth loss solution due to their durability, convenience and comfort while speaking and eating. With proper oral hygiene, dental implants can last as long as natural teeth. Implants are as close to your real teeth as you can get and provide a more natural appearance, which improves overall confidence. Being part of a New York City multi-specialty dental practice Dr. Ifraimov is able to successfully coordinate and complete from start to finish dental implant treatments.
    • Porcelain Crowns and Bridges: A crown is a dental restoration that is custom fabricated in the laboratory. Crowns are generally used to restore a tooth that has undergone a root canal, to provide long-lasting results when a tooth is broken or to replace an old crown. Another option to replace missing teeth is a natural looking ceramic bridge. A bridge is a dental treatment that can be used to replace one tooth or multiple teeth. It is held in place by crowns placed over the teeth on either side of the gap. To learn more about these treatments read dedicated service pages. As an experienced NYC cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ifraimov has mastered the skill of matching the shades of ceramic to the teeth thus creating beautiful natural looking and cosmetically pleasing porcelain restorations.

    If you are in need of any of these treatments, please call 172 NYC Dental today at 646-713-1417 or book online to set up your appointment with Dr. Ifraimov.

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    Cosmetic Dental Team

    Laura H.
    Cosmetic Treatment Coordinator

    Laura is one of the most caring people you may ever meet. Being a mother of three and a grandmother to eight wonderful kids she brings the same warmth and Understanding to the office. Patients often refer to her as an “insurance queen”. Her expertise in dental insurance with 30 years of experience in dentistry help patients make sense of dental benefits and treatments. Patients feel at ease proceeding with their dental treatments. She remembers everything from the maximum on your benefits to the name of your pet. Laura has an associates degree in Liberal Arts and Science. She also studied 2 semesters of Dental Hygiene at New York City College of Technology. Laura spends a significant part of her spare time on personal growth by reading a lot and attending many continuing education courses.

    Veronica E
    Cosmetic Dental Assistant

    Veronica joined out practice in 2011. Since then she has  become one of our most versatile staff members. Primarily she works with Dr Ifraimov. Together they perform dental magic doing their full mouth cosmetic restorations. They are an extraordinary team, creating beautiful smiles and enhancing their patient’s lives. 

    We all strive to be ahead of the curve and often that  means embracing technology and benefitting from many new features that come with it. In addition to her amazing clinical & people skills Veronica has become our IT liaison. Whether its x-ray machine that requires maintenance or a CT scanner that requires recalibration Veronica is our go to person to tackle these tasks.  

    With over 2 decades of working in a dental field as a dental assistant, front desk receptionist and patient coordinator she also became a mentor to our younger staff members. She does much to enhance the culture of our office. 

    Being a true New Yorker Veronica has biked every borough of the city. In her spare time she loves dancing, reading and happily for all of us cooking. Veronica is indeed a dental diamond

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