How Often Should You Go to the Dentist?

how often to do to the dentist

Ugh, it’s that time again. The email with a happy face informs you that you need a checkup and cleaning at your dentist.  Maybe you will finally clean your room, get the car inspected, even do homework with kids; anything other than going to the dentist. It seems like you were just there a few months ago.  What is the proper amount of time in between dental visits? Well, it all depends.

42% of Americans admit that they don’t go to the dentist.

15% of Americans admit that they go only when they are in pain.

The American Dental Association recommends a healthy adult to visit the dentist 2x/year. Most insurance companies encourage these visits and will pay in full for them. Their reasoning is simple, it saves them money! If a person goes regularly for his dental exams, has X-rays, gets his teeth cleaned, etc., much dental disease and pathology will be prevented. Prevention of disease saves the insurance companies money; it saves you time, money, and the happy experience of root canal therapy.

What To Expect At Your Visit (Every 6 Months Or Twice/Year)

1. Updated medical history

2. Review of insurance benefits, contact information

3. Dental x rays if needed

4. Examination by the dentist to check for the following:

5. Instruction on prevention:

  • Brushing
  • Flossing
  • Toothpaste and mouthwash
  • Diet recommendations

6. Developing a relationship based on clinical excellence and trust

When Should You Visit The Dentist More Often (Every 3-4 Months)? 

Visit the dentist more frequently if any of the following are applicable:

1. Pregnancy

2. Cancer (chemo agents can cause dry mouth, xerostomia, which can lead to an increase in decay). 

3. Diabetes: Causes a dramatic increase in periodontal disease and bone loss.

4. Smoking: Increases risk for decay, root canal therapy and oral cancer. 

5. Heart disease: Bacteria found in plaque (gram-negative, anaerobic i.e. Streptococcus Mutans)      

   are found in the plaque that causes coronary artery disease. 

6. Alzheimer’s Disease: Same bacteria prevalent in plaque found in amyloids in the brain that cause dementia. 

7. Children in need of fluoride treatments, sealants, interceptive orthodontics, proper frenum development of lips, or proper frenulum development of tongue.

172 NYC Dental

The staff at 172 NYC Dental are experts in making your dental checkups efficient, thorough and very pleasant. We accept most PPO dental insurance plans for checkups and cleanings. Please come in for a visit and leave with a sparkling smile.

About Dr. Jin Wang

Dr. Wang is one of the premier implantologists in NYC. When teeth are missing he can create dental miracles. By placing implants gently, efficiently he can restore function, esthetics, comfort, and dignity to his patients. He is the foundation of our comprehensive full mouth restorative process.

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