Multi-Specialty Dental Office in NYC


Diagnostic and Prevention

  1. Complete oral exam including oral cancer screening
  2. Spaceage radiography including a dental Cat Scan
  3. Detailed and careful prophylaxis (cleanings) including consultations on home care and diet
  4. Examination for TMJ problems, occlusion dysfunctions, esthetic concerns (Invisalign therapy, smile makeover with teeth whitening and veneers)
  5. State of the art ultrasonic scalers

Restorative and Cosmetic

We are dedicated to the most esthetic, cosmetic result for you smile.

  1. Resin fillings. We use microscopic densely packed particles in our fillings so that when we polish the finished restoration, they literally glow).
  2. Porcelain Onlay and crowns (porcelain, Zirconia). We use Itero scanners to take impressions, no more messy impressions, just a tiny wand is placed in your mouth.
  3. In house dental laboratory directed by a renowned prosthodontist Ensuring magnificent work with incredibly fast delivery of finished prosthesis.
  4. Implant crown and bridges.
  5. Removable dentures, implant-supported removable dentures.
  6. Removable partial bridges (dentures).
  7. Veneers that not only change your smile they change your life (very thin porcelain).

Periodontics, Implants and Oral Surgery

  1. Deep scalings.
  2. Tissue grafting and bone augmentation.
  3. Esthetic recontouring of gums to enhance the smile.
  4. Removal of periodontal abscess.
  5. Tissue biopsy.
  6. Surgical extraction of teeth ( bone augmentation when indicated).
  7. Implant placement using guided technology.


  1. Invisalign clear tray therapy.
  2. Itero intra oral scanner.
  3. Vivera retainers complimentary at the completion of the case.
  4. In-home whitening kit during treatment, complimentary.
  5. Initial consultation, complimentary.


  1. Root canal therapy using a powerful microscope.
  2. Core and post-placement.
  3. Removal old posts.
  4. Retreatment of failed root canal therapy.
  5. Apicoectomy.
  6. Endontic therapy on children’s teeth.

Pediatric Dental Care (Children’s Dentistry)

  1. Special welcoming first visit experience.
  2. Fun fill cleanings.
  3. Fluoride treatments.
  4. Sealants.
  5. Pulpotomy.
  6. Integrated orthodontic care.


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