Lyu Han — Prosthodontics, Implants and Extractions

Dr. Han Lyu — Prosthodontics, Implants and Extractions

    Meet Dr. Han Lyu. We are excited to add his advanced skillsets to the multidisciplinary team at 172 NYC Dental. Dr. Lyu serves Manhattan patients in a number of unique ways. Not only does he specialize in prosthodontics, but he is also considered one of the top tooth extraction and implant specialists in the city.


    Dr. Han Lyu is a graduate from Rutgers University in Newark, where he earned both his Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Dental Medicine degrees. He excelled during his time at dental school, gaining employment at Rutgers as a preclinic tutor. Although he was accepted to programs at Harvard, Columbia, Tufts and UIC to pursue his post-graduate specialty, he chose Columbia to remain near his hometown of Ramsey. There, he earned both a Master of Science degree and a Certificate in Prosthodontics.

    During his three years of prosthodontics residency, Dr. Lyu again excelled, achieving the highest number of successful implant surgeries. He became known as a full-mouth restoration specialist because of his unique ability to address complex, challenging cases.

    Every year, Dr. Lyu joins the SOMA mission team in Oaxaca, Mexico, where he brings his skills and knowledge to those who cannot access regular oral health care. He is grateful for this opportunity to share his gifts and talents with those in need.

    Besides specializing in prosthodontics, Dr. Lyu also practices general dentistry and can address a complex array of needs in all areas of general dentistry, including:

    • Oral surgery
    • Endodontics
    • Periodontics
    • And pediatric dentistry

    Prosthodontics Specialist Serving New York City Patients

    Prosthodontics is a dental specialty that focuses on dental prostheses. Because of his specialty prosthodontic background, Dr. Han Lyu offers a unique approach to patient care. Whether restoring a single tooth or expertly planning a complex full mouth rehabilitation, he strives to restore full mouth functionality while providing beautiful and natural-looking results.

    Dr. Lyu is known as a Cosmetic Prosthodontist because of his expertise in both cosmetic dentistry and dental ceramics. In certain cases, Dr. Lyu can even perform his own porcelain work by fabricating veneers to expertly control color and contour. No matter your dental prosthetic needs, Dr. Lyu will work with you to ensure an outstanding outcome.

    Tooth Extraction Dentist at 172 NYC Dental

    When you arrive at 172 NYC Dental, our multidisciplinary team does everything in our power to save and strengthen your natural teeth. However, sometimes a tooth extraction is the best possible choice.

    Whether due to tooth decay, gum disease or injury, Dr. Han Lyu is highly skilled at extracting teeth with as little trauma to the surrounding teeth and gum tissue as possible. He will also ensure you understand the wide assortment of restorative procedures available to you.

    Implant Specialist at 172 NYC Dental

    Dr. Han Lyu’s training and knowledge in implant surgery allow him to control each phase of treatment with precision. From the surgical phase to the restorative phase, he carefully plans and executes each step to ensure full functionality and aesthetically pleasing results. Even with complicated cases that seem hopeless, Dr. Lyu can deftly extract the affected tooth and place an implant along with a bone graft so that the patient can walk out of our practice with a new and improved smile on their face.

    When it comes to dental implants, Dr. Lyu can do it all to ensure his patients are thoroughly pleased with their results.

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    Whether you need to discuss tooth restoration options or you require a full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Lyu Han wants to serve you with compassionate care and expert results. Schedule your consultation at 172 NYC Dental today to meet with our resident prosthodontics specialist.

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