Twelve Cool Invisalign Hacks

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Technology and Dentistry — working hand-in-hand to provide a more comfortable, cosmetic and affordable solution to your dental needs. One of our most amazing breakthroughs is in the field of orthodontics. No longer do we have to obsess about unsightly “metal tracks” in our mouths to fix our crooked smiles. Invisalign, clear aligners, have made over a million people smile again in a discreet, comfortable and quick manner.


With the help of our renowned Invisalign expert, Dr. Benjamin Ahn, these trays are invisible, incredibly comfortable — sometimes, you don’t even know when you have them in — and extremely efficient at moving your teeth into an aesthetic, harmonious smile. Whether we are exercising, dancing, or putting on makeup, there are nuances that make our experience just a bit easier. We will discuss some “hacks” that will make your Invisalign experience even more ideal.


Hacks For a Better Invisalign Experience:


1. Use Your Invisalign Case


When aligners are out of your mouth, keep them securely in their case. Never place your aligners in a napkin, because they may inadvertently be thrown out. Your case is your best friend that you should keep with you at all times. Keep it near your phone, keys, purse or in your pocket.


2. Set A Timer


Using a timer on your phone will remind you to place the aligners back in after eating.


3. Brush, Floss and Rinse After Eating


It’s best to clean up before replacing the aligners. We do not want food debris — especially sugar — to be squashed down in between your teeth.


4. Keep an Emergency Dental Kit on Hand


Make an on-the-go dental kit composed of a soft toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and chewies. Keep this in your car, purse, backpack, briefcase, or even keep it at your desk.


5. Keep a Nail File With You


On very rare occasions, there may be a rough spot at the edge of the aligner. One or two strokes of a nail file solve this problem without having to go back to the dental office.


6. Lipstick and Lip Gloss Are Good to Go!


Lip makeup is perfectly acceptable. We find that lipstick with a matte finish dries best. If any color gets on the trays, lipstick will wipe off easily.


7. Regarding Diet…


Aligner trays can come out when eating (although they must be worn 22 hours/day for best results). You can easily drink fluids such as water and sparkling water with the aligners in.  However, you must not drink fluids that can stain the aligners while they are in place. So if you are drinking coffee, tea, or wine, it’s best to take the trays out.


Keep away from sugar — sugar along with the bacteria that live in our mouth form an acid that causes cavities and periodontal disease. We do not want to place the aligners on teeth that has food debris (composed of sugar) being wedged in. Keep away from honey, dried fruit and candies on a daily basis.


8. Switch to NEW Aligners at Bedtime


This will give your body 8 hours of uninterrupted wearing. By the time you wake, you will have adjusted to the new fit.


9. Use The Special Invisalign Instrument Dubbed “The Outie”


Use this tool to remove the aligners, especially after the composite resin attachments have been placed. This instrument makes the removal very easy, requires no fingers in the mouth and saves money on manicures.


10. Clean/Soak Aligners When You Are Eating at Home


The best time to clean your aligners is when you’re taking a food break at home. Set a timer on your phone to remind you to place them back in.


11. Don’t Chew Gum


Never chew gum with the aligners in place — this forbidden act could damage them.


12. Remember to Smile


Invisalign cases usually take under a year to complete — half the time of traditional metal braces. The aligners are totally invisible. Your treatment is correcting a dental problem that may affect your oral health and at the same time improving your smile and adding confidence to your demeanor. When you smile, the whole world smiles back at you.


Get Started With Invisalign


Many people are choosing Invisalign over traditional braces to correct their smiles. With these simple hacks, it’s easy to see why. The Invisalign team, headed by Dr. Ahn, at 172 NYC Dental is here waiting to create a beautiful smile for you. Call us at 646-921-5541 to make an appointment for a consultation today.

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